Aimee Mann Live

Alisa and I saw Aimee Mann at the TLA last night. It was fun and Alisa really enjoyed seeing one of her favorite singer/songwriters.

A few observations from the performance:

First off, Mann is very good at what she does. Her delivery is tight. She does very true-to-the-album versions of her songs, with the support of a well-coordinated band. She keeps the banter funny and to the point (actually, it was really funny, but that’s another story).

I’m not the biggest fan of her stuff, but it’s good. It’s catchy but not annoying or shallow. She is, in all respects, a talented professional musician. She reminds me of Ben Folds. She can probably churn out Solid, Listenable, Melancholy Aimee Mann Songs, one after the other, just like Folds can churn out Catchy, Peppy But Dark, Ben Folds Songs until the Sun goes cold. And, like Folds, if you don’t get her solo stuff, you won’t really like any of her stuff. But if you do like it, you’ll end up enjoying every successive album.

Second, if the military and the White House ever decide that the missile defense shield is a lost cause, I’m sure that Aimee Mann would be willing to donate her cheekbones in the name of U.S. homeland defense.

One cheekbone per coast, and you’re set!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Chris, what about the Northern and Southern borders? You’ve left them totally open.” But think about it. Who’s on those sides? Mexico and Canada. At this point in international politics, those two are like the Sopranos’ neighbors. Smile, wave, stay out of the way, and never ever piss them off. It’s perfect. I’m sure Aimee won’t mind.

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