Heat: The Ultimate Cops & Robbers Film

Rewatching Heat tonight on DVD (as I type, even). What a great film. The music direction could’ve used a bit of help, but other than that it’s a genre masterpiece. After this, all Cops & Robbers caper movies are just shadows on the cave wall. Heat is basically Micheal Mann saying, “Alright, I’m going to do this right once and for all so everyone else can stop not getting it right.”

It’s a very male film. There’s a lot of brothers-in-arms kind of stuff that I know Alisa started to practically giggle at. However, it’s a great piece of work, with a strong multi-threaded plot, solid acting, and very cool action pieces. There’s a very brusque, professional feel to the sequences, but they still have an elegance to them. It’s a bit of Mamet and a bit of Woo*, without entirely being either. The gun battle in the city streets is reason enough to put the time into watching it. It even has some genuine drama and suspense that will actually put you in a state of supsense. Pretty rare these days.

Plus, Henry Rollins is in it. I mean, come on! Henry Rollins. What else do you want? Go rent it.

*It reminds me of Woo’s work because Mann builds sequences with an eye for their drama and overall movement. This isn’t a ‘ballet of bullets’ kind of film, with Woo’s obligatory doves and slow-motion-ironic-musical-choice-moments or anything.

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