Le Tigre Kick Ass(es)

I’ve recently started listening to Le Tigre, and I’ve come to one conclusion: they kick ass. They’ll kick your ass, my ass, anyone’s ass.

So far, we’ve purchased Le Tigre and the From the Desk of Mr. Lady EP. Both kick ass, as I mentioned. I prefer the more prevalent drum machine beats in the EP, but they still rock hard and rock well on their eponymous album.

I’ve been a in a very rock ‘n’ roll mood for a few months now. Interpol, The Strokes, Doves, Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, The Shins, Radiohead… I’m even breaking out some of my old punk albums (Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, etc.). I think my DJ/ turntablist/ hip-hop-centric days are over. Le Tigre is just the most recent step in this personal trend.

Who will be next? Nobody knows. But Le Tigre will still be kickin’ ass.

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  1. I’m ashamed to admit that I honestly thought the drummer for Le Tigre to be a guy for the longest time…

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