The DHL Occupying Force

Have you seen as many DHL trucks as I have recently? I think it’s related to their new ad campaign. Alisa and I saw it a few weeks ago and the day after I started seeing their trucks all over the place.

Now that’s a well-coordinated campaign. But it’s not just the coordination that’s making it so effective. It’s also the new identity.

The redesign of the identity from the original less-noticeable white & red to sunshine-tastic yellow & red has transformed their vans from generic delivery trucks into visual black holes, irrevocably drawing your eye and reminding you that they’ve successfully made you think of their damn TV ads again.

According to DM News (Direct Marketing News), “DHL acquired Airborne in 2003 and has integrated its U.S. network to expand domestic services and bundle customized solutions for businesses.” So I suppose this is the reason for the campaign, which is going to go national in August, according to Ad Age.

By the way, doesn’t that guy on the right kind of look like Joey from Blossom? A Very Special Blossom, perhaps?

3 replies on “The DHL Occupying Force”

  1. Just today I saw two DHL trucks behind the building where I work. Their influence is spreading!

  2. I’ve seen the commercials and thought, “Oh cool.” But I’ll admit it – I haven’t seen a bunch of DHL trucks yet. But there is a chance that FedEx has a strangle hold on the DC area.

    However, my office does get a daily delivery from Airborne Express and I have seen no “sunshine-tastic yellow & red” – just the normal and bland poo-tastic brown & red. I want my sunshine-tastic yellow…almost as badly as I want my MTV.

  3. I checked out the DHL/Airborne Express guy today. He still delivers our package in an Airborne box, but he’s wearing blindingly bright yellow and red to symbolize his DHL love.

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