Doom 3 Has Gone Gold

Apparently, Doom 3 is ready to go for shipping, the week of August 2.

Prepare for large-scale productivity slow-down, particularly in the tech sector.

Doom 3 will require some serious horse-power, which will limit its immediate impact, but this title will definitely move hardware. Hopefully, id Software’s latest release can compete with the Earth-crushing hype.

Update 7.22.04
With their exclusive review, PC Gamer gave Doom 3 a 94% and pretty much foamed at the mouth about how great it is. Sounds pretty good. Keep an eye on the Game Rankings page to get a good aggregate impression as others get their hands on it.

2 replies on “Doom 3 Has Gone Gold”

  1. DAMN IT!! House costs are prohibiting me from dumping the cash into my pc so I can play this… Grrr…Curse you ID and your tasty digital temptations!!!

  2. Ha, ha, ha. I laugh at all of you. I have already pre-ordered Doom 3 from Amazon, knowing that it will be impossible to buy it at stores upon its release, and my powerful computer can already handle it well without an upgrade.

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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