I Am Lame, Even In My Dreams, Which Are Also Lame

I recently (a few days ago) had a dream about Half-Life 2. I dreamt that I had a copy of the game (only in my dreams is this game released yet) and was playing the opening parts of the game.

The specifics of the dream are unimportant, what’s important is that I was dream-playing it on our current PC, which is far too under-powered to play this game. So, in my dream, I stopped playing the game in order not to spoil it for myself, in anticipation of upgrading the PC for the full experience.

So, to review: I have lame videogame dreams in which I am so lame that I can’t even dream myself a decent system, and, in a bid for lamest man alive, I stop playing it because I don’t want to see the game with less-than-optimal graphics…

In my dream.