Alisa: 1, Me: 0

Conversation ‘twixt Alisa and I, while spending an evening at home with the Eternal Philadelphia Rainstorm going on outside:

Me: Y’know Alisa, if you want, you can stop the rain. I mean, I think we’ve had enough already.

Alisa: (frowning) I’m not making it rain…

Me: …

Alisa: Maybe it’s the kitty that wants to come live with us. It’s going to rain until we get a kitty.

Now that’s working the conversation. How can I keep up? In the distant future, when I’m out-voted (Alisa and Child vs. Me), I will not hold any cards in my own household.

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  1. I’ll bring pictures of my kitty with me to Ocean City, just to give Alisa fuel to use MHAWAHAHWHAHAWHA

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