You Have Chosen… Wisely

I grow more confident in my bio-pairing decision every day. Today I received yet another confirmation:

Me: So I was thinking that it’d be cool to get some Star Trek: The Next Generation on DVD…

Alisa: ::gasp:: Awesome!

I am so totally awesome at spouse-choosing.

Now all I need to figure out is how I’m going to afford seven seasons of TNG at about $120 a pop. This stuff should be free. This is the manual for utopia, people. Everyone should have a Natasha Yar.

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  1. Between TNG and DS9 and Voyager, whenever that’s done coming out, I’m going to either have to wait a million years for Paramount to lower the price to a sane level or just brutalize yuppies in the Marina until I have the requisite funds.

  2. Tasha Yar = HOT

    Data could never get how hot she was. he didn’t deserve her (regardless of how “fully functional” he was or not!).

  3. Tasha Yarr!?! You’re killing me here. None of the necessary episodes even involve her. You need “Best of Both Worlds: Part I & II”, “All Good Things..”, and the episodes where Picard is captured by the Cardasians. Also, you need to have the episode with the Dowd and the Husnacht. Aris and I still talk about that one. There are more, but I don’t recall many of them involving Tasha “I got killed by a crappy oil monster” Yarr…

  4. The “I got killed by a crappy oil monster” episode is the only TNG I have actually seen (and remember).

  5. I am now having aural flashbacks of the creepy-ass breathing noise Armus (oil monster) kept making.



    Also, SP makes good points, but even he and Aris cannot deny that Yar-as-evil-Romulan had it goin’ on.

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