I Need Boxes, Lots of Boxes

I realize that Current Config’s been a bit dead lately. I’ve been hit with 3 freelance jobs (on top of my full-time one) and, most importantly, we’re moving!!

Woo hoo! Boxes! (yay!) Dust! (cough) Scary bugs! (eeek!) No more crappy apartment that costs too much! (ka-ching!)

We’re not moving too far, but it’s a good move. Unfortunately, it’s both further from my job and the city, but it’s a great area and the apartment is A) bigger B) better C) cheaper. What more could you want?

This weekend, alisa and I, along with family and friend(s) will move our crap (which appears to be mainly CDs, books, comics, computers and boxes) in a frenzy of sweating, lifting, and groaning.

The relevant parties will be contacted with the address of our new domicile next week. ‘Til then, I’ll probably be hard to reach.

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