Don’t Vote for This Man

First, we have Bush using September 11th to flog his agenda, yet again. As though his ability to hug a crying girl makes him different from any other president who would’ve experienced a tragedy like this. We were all sad. Anyone who can vote was around for the aftermath. WE ALL SUFFERED. Bush is not special.

And second, we have POWs decrying Kerry for being appalled by war and atrocities associated with it. I don’t care if my grandmother committed terrible acts, it doesn’t make them right. But what do you expect from the supporters of Bush, who want us to believe that the world is yes/no, black/white? They want you to believe that someone who willingly served in Vietnam thinks all soldiers are evil. It’s just asinine.

So, my understanding of Bush, from these ads and his own* is: things that are complicated are bad, vote for me, because I am simple and make everything seem simple. How many of you live in a simple world? Now imagine the world a U.S. president has to deal with. Exactly.

Bush is about two steps away from shooting political ads at the grave sites of September 11th victims in front of the jet he piloted back while Vietnam was happening far away from him. His behavior is deplorable and disgusting. I am so confused as to why anyone with a grain if intelligence could consider Bush a good candidate on any grounds other than religious ones.

*Have you seen the Bush campaign ad about healthcare? National healthcare? They show a complicated chart, as though national healthcare isn’t complex, and want us to feel scared by the fact that Kerry’s plan reflects this. Good lord.