I’ve Made My Choice

Voting is such an empowering and singular act. It truly feels good to vote. One of my friends recently did it for the first time, and commented on how he never realized how empowered and connected one person could actually feel by voting. It’s such a large process, but that’s what makes it so great. You know, across the country, others are participating in what must be one of, if not the, largest free elections in the world.

In spite of the inherent thrill of direct participation in national government, the actual physical act of voting is pretty lackluster. I vote in PA, within Philadelphia county, so I can’t speak for everyone necessarily, but our voting experience is pretty much an anti-climax. You push some boxes on a large sheet of paper in the booth, that then light up with a small red circle. Then, you hit a big, green “VOTE” button (which I think is pretty cool). Then the light goes out in the booth (it’s open at the top, so it’s not dark or anything), and you leave. That’s it.

When I push that big green button, I want Snap’s song The Power to play. I want cheering and a 21-gun salute. I just voted. This is not a small thing. Gimme some bells at least. A siren?

Anyway, I got breakfast with Alisa afterwards, so I guess it wasn’t too bad. Mmmm. Turkey sausage.

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