The Prime Suggestion

I’ve watched probably somewhere between 30 and 40 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation since Christmas (we own seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, but I’ve seen far more than that since my childhood), and I’ve come to the conclusion that Picard and his people really don’t view the Prime Directive so much as the First and Most Important order or instruction, issued by a central authority, as much as an obstacle they all participate in slowly eroding.

Picard: “It’s not so much a rule or law as it is a guidline to be interpreted as needed by captains such as myself.”

Troi: “Captain, I’m sensing a great—”

Riker: “Captain, I suggest we interfere as little as possible, as long as I can swashbuckle.”

Picard: “Number One?”

Riker: “My dad was too controlling, so I act out through my overachievement.”

Picard: “Surely there’s some way we can right the injustices occurring on Jehosephat 12.”

Riker: “We could try to influence the native population by incorporating—”

Picard: “Oh merde, arm the photon torpedos. I can’t wait to kick some ass. Engage.”

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  1. So i recently borrowed season 1 of TNG from a friend. The male companion and i are making it a nightly ritual to watch an episode and relax with a beer before going to bed. I’m totally enjoying it. But you are SO right. Every episode they’re always like, “good thing we have morals and have the prime directive, but ONLY if we could break it. Let’s see how we can get around it.”

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