Star Wars & Legos in a Game = Best Idea Ever

I just watched the trailer for Lego: Star Wars today. This is the greatest thing ever, I swear. On top of that, whoever came up with this idea needs to be promoted. The combination of these two nostalgic power centers into a game creates a white-hot poker of consumer lust that stabs directly into my soft, yielding pleasure center.

I’ve been casually watching this game since I first heard of it a few months ago, but my deep-seated excitement is far from casual. I won’t bore you with my own exposition about what this game actually involves, just check out Gamespot’s hands-on or the official site if you have trouble with more than 1 oz. of information.

One reply on “Star Wars & Legos in a Game = Best Idea Ever”

  1. At first glance, the idea of that game seems pointless – why not just make a quality Star Wars game with “real” characters. But then, after looking at the trailer, I realized just how wonderful of an idea that game is.

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