Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Vader in his mask

Well, I officially forgive Lucas for Episode II‘s tepid romance scenes. But that’s about it. Episode III is very cool when it’s good, but otherwise it’s swatting you with obvious plot points or making you squirm with dead, unecessary scenes when it’s not.

Go see it, but don’t expect too much. Watch it for the sci-fi space war and Jedi fight scenes, nothing else.

Ass kicks Yoda does.

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MPAA Review: sci-fi violence and some intense images

One reply on “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith”

  1. I am never going to see Episode III of Star Wars because I’ve already suffered enough watching the other two horrible dissapointments and I have enough integrity to not give my money to Lucas for making such disgraceful prequels to the classic Star Wars series. You’ld think with all of the money he made from the original movies and the other two failed prequels and the crap load of Star Wars merchandise throughout the years he would feel he owed it to the fans to make a Star Wars movie on par with the originals. But no, not Lucas. He is probably swimming in his gold plated pool now and laughing at the poor saps who bought tickets to see Episode III.


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