Cons t ant i ne (or ’Constantine‘s Wacky Type’)

Since I’m on the topic of movies and type, now’s probably a good time to scold the awful job of typesetting done for Constantine‘s opening titles. This was actually brought up by Sabih from Tank Design earlier on Current Config, and now I’ve got a capture of the type, now that the film’s on DVD.

Poorly kerned type from the film ’Constantine'

Look at that. Holy crap, that’s bad type. I realize I’m more attuned to it that most, but I don’t think you need design experience to see how oddly spaced that Futura* is. And considering that the titles are about, oh, 5 seconds long, how did that get through?

My only guess is that there was either total indescision that affected every step of Constantine‘s logotype design, or a lack of design oversight. It’s a shame, and a bit odd. They obviously invested in a distinct logotype:

Promo logotype for the film ’Constantine'

That logotype was used on all of the promo materials and the DVD cover itself. Amusingly and ironically enough, the designers of the DVD menu decided that the split C from was tops, the bees knees as it were, but eschewed the presumably custom lettering from the promo version for Emigre’s Democratica:

DVD logotype for the film ’Constantine'

Not a bad choice (I prefer it, actually), just kind of odd. But, honestly, what the hell’s up with that Futura? Did someone forget that film’s a visual medium?

*If it isn’t Futura, it’s functionally equivalent here.

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  1. Even I see how oddly spaced those letters are and I don’t necessarily have an eye for these things like you do. With the attention movies seem to be paying to opening credits and titles and things like that, you would think they would have been more careful about the actual type of the movie name.

    No, really, that’s terrible.

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