Sit and Spinner

Last week, my wife and I drove to the not-so-nearby VW dealership for scheduled turn’n’cough car service. I was leading in my car and she was following me in hers. As I turned left onto the road, about 30 feet from the entrance to the dealership lot, I caught a view of something large and shiny disappearing under the front of my car. ::KRUNCH, scraaaaaaaaape::


I pulled into the tiny parking dot (it’s a parking lot in a conceptual, rather than literal, sense) and promptly hopped out of my car, convinced I had slashed my tire(s) horribly and was driving on one or more of my rims. Nope. Whatever I hit chewed up a plastic covering on the underside of my engine, which was then dragging on the ground. It seemed largely cosmetic, so I took a deep breath and cursed a few times on my way into the dealership. Arguably, I did screw up my car at the most convenient moment possible.

Alisa, being the enterprising and wonderful woman that she is, ran out onto the street as I waited at the counter in the service office, and came running up to the lobby holding this:

A faux-chrome spinner with snowflake design.

Is it me, or are most spinners meant to hide cheap wheels? It’s like wearing gold lamé: “I have no cash or taste, but I’m sure shiny! That’s the same thing, right?”

That’s right, I ran over some faux-bling fool’s cheap spinner.

And now it’s mine. Ha ha, moron! If you’re going to blow $29.99 on snowflake-shaped spinners for your Corolla, at least learn to install them properly. You lose!

So now the obvious question is: what do I do with it? I’m pretty sure we’ll hang it up somewhere funny but I’m open to suggestions.*

*And no, it won’t fit on either of our cars’ wheels.

5 replies on “Sit and Spinner”

  1. Is there some way to reengineer it as a lazy susan for your table or something? This is only if Adam’s suggestion is unworkable, because that is clearly the best and only thing to do with it.

  2. If it doesn’t fit on the Prius, there’s really only one option : The biggest, shiniest necklace OF ALL TIME!!! Just buy a big chain.

    Also, get a skull-cap….

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