The Last Two Weeks, or Oh Crap, I’ve Fallen Off the Internet

So, I had to go to New York. I worked with and directed a photographer, after which I sorted through around 6,000 photos and narrowed them down to about 130, give or take.

Then I had to work like crazy on an event held here. Then the event happened, and I did this (yes, that’s who it looks like). There was much rejoicing (I might have pictures of that later…).

Then I came back to Philly that weekend and there was much recuperating. As a result, we missed this, even though I was thinking about it for weeks ahead of time. Bleh.

After the weekend, I got back on the horse, and worked with a friend of mine to wrap up and launch this today. Maybe this week I can get back on my usual track.

Sorry to anybody I’ve fallen out of contact with. I’m not ignoring you, I just fell off the internet (and a few other places).

4 Responses to “The Last Two Weeks, or Oh Crap, I’ve Fallen Off the Internet”

  1. Jon says:

    Man, now I want to know what the two of you were discussin’

  2. chris r says:

    I asked him for a book recommendation. Specifically something about the Middle East, because he recommended another book during his talk. He recommended this.

    I’ll probably check it out, if only for the built-in story as to why I’d be reading it.

  3. Barracuda says:

    We are done. I don’t think I can ever forgive you. It’s obvious that you don’t love me anymore. Cher, if only you could turn back time on this one…


  4. Alisa says:

    NO BARACUDA! say it ain’t so! Don’t leave me.