And Unto Them Was Given a Carafe.

The new carafe, atop its box.

From the Beyond was delivered unto them a recepticle for the collection and dissemination of the holy nectar, the fruit of the holy Brewing. Long had they gone without the means to fill themselves with the holy Energies, the warmth of the spirit of the highest of concoctions.

Unto them was given a Carafe. And it was good. And from it flowed Life.

Et a mihi bibo affero.

In our kitchen, glassware has a tendency to take advantage of gravity at inopportune moments in order to energetically disassemble itself. Wine glasses have been particularly eager to do this. Our coffee carafe took advantage of my ill placement of it on the drying rack last week (I even had a premonition of this happening as I put it there, but did it anyway). Since that time, my usual routine of brewing my coffee in the apartment was replaced by local foraging, which is fine, but meant I often had to wait to get coffee, rather than having it 10 minutes after I got up. The nature of my relationship with coffee has become much clearer to me now.

When I make coffee, or have the option, I drink a mix of regular and decaf. I’m small and have a high metabolism, so I don’t need much coffee to make me a jittery tweaker. After a good dinner, particularly when dining out, I might have another cup of regular, but that’s usually it. I drink my coffee black, sometimes lightly flavored. If I want something sweet, I get a mocha. When I go to our local shop, I get a ’bottomless cup’ but fill it with more an more decaf as time goes on (they serve good decaf, not that chemically stuff).

I limit my caffeinated coffee intake partly to not become a mess, but also partly because I don’t like being beholden to it in order to function. Well, I may not need it, but I sure like everything a whole lot more when I have it. It’s gotten to the point where I actually enjoy waking up feeling the awake-but-not-totally feeling that comes with that surly ache, because it means the coffee will feel that much better.

I am addicted. Not completely, but my body is definitely chemically imbalanced and requires coffee to function in peak condition. That ache? Withdrawal. My fix? A cup of joe. I’m honestly not sure I care. I can function without it and by the afternoon I feel completely fine. But still, it weirds me out how subtle my dependency is. Oh well.

::sips coffee::

The new carafe arrived today. I am sated.

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  1. I hate you (meaning that I love you). You never get sick, you don’t allow yourself to be beholden to anything (caffeine, nicotine, sleep, food). Bastard. I on the other hand had my first cup of coffee this morning (I’ve been ill for four days, you know). It was like coming home… Thank god I never took up smoking way back when.

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