LOST (so good, it gets all caps)

The major players of 'Lost', blurred behind the title.

At the insistence of Rebecca and Brian, Alisa and I have been watching the first season of ABC’s Lost on DVD.

Wow. I had no idea how great it was.

We’ve only watched three of the discs so far, but I’m hooked. It’s far exceeded my expectations, which, I admit, weren’t that high until I started hearing about it. Without giving much away, I’ll say this: if it was just a story about a stranded group of people, it would undoubtedly still be fascinating and well-executed. But it’s much more than that, it would seem.

As the series progresses, it only draws me in more deeply and raises my fascination and curiosity. It’s working like X-Files at its best: the more you learn, the less you know. A perfect way to keep your viewers hooked, but, as X-Files demonstrated, not so easy to bring to completion without either completely underwhelming or losing everyone. My hopes are high for Lost.

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  1. I’m a little farther ahead of you (just finished disc 5) and I have to say that it really starts to get even crazier as you go forward.

    But as you note, they hook you in and I’m hoping they have a good plan to settle this all eventually. It would be nice if they maybe said, “Here’s our story. That should last about 3 seasons. So we’ll end this at season 3. Enjoy it while it lasts.” But I’m afraid they’re going to just keep going until the money stops coming in, then wrap it up really quickly.

    In the mean time, I suppose I can only enjoy it regardless.

    Also, I’d suggest staying away from Brian and Rebecca until you finish season 1. They are desperate to talk to people about the show, being that it is amazing; you can really see them trying so hard to hold back. I’m rushing through the first season just so I can finally have a discussion without learning too much that I don’t already know.

  2. Actually, I am told that the writers have said that they have a particular ending for the whole show in mind, which is really comforting to know. They also said it would last 4 or 5 seasons.

    If you think the show is weird in Disc 3, or Disc 5, you haven’t seen anything yet. Disc 1 of season 2 will blow your skull apart….ok maybe not quite.

  3. I also finished season one and couldn’t resist downloading the first 2 shows of Season 2 off of iTunes. The quality isn’t nearly as good as watching a DVD (in both sound and picture quality) but it didn’t make a difference. I had to see what happens next.

    Brian tells me that this wednesday is a repeat episode 3 of season 2, so if you download the first 2 episodes off of iTunes, then watch on Wednesday, you’ll only be 2 episodes behind where the rest of the world is…then you have to keep up. Or get a TiVo. Or convince someone with a TiVo to tape the episodes for you and let you watch them. Whatever is easiest.

  4. Ooooo. I was so dead set against the whole downloading idea (we use Netflix to SAVE money), but I’m not sure that we’ll be able to resist. That show is SO SCREWED UP!

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