Happy Halloween!

My pumpkin, lit up, with an ornate pentragram-eqsue design.

My pumpkin, with a design inspired by Aenigma Fonts’ dingbat font 90 Stars BRK.

Alisa's pumpkin, which reads 'spooky'.

Alisa’s spooky pumpkin, cut in Aenigma Fonts’ 8-Bit Limit BRK. I swear we aren’t working for Aenigma. Really.

Alisa punches the outline of her design into the pumpkin skin through a printout taped to the front.

Alisa using a wacky little pumpkin-cutting tool to punch the outline of the design into her pumpkin, so she can meticulously cut it out. Look at that determination! Look at that skill!

My pumpkin design on tracing paper, part-way through the punching process.

I had to modify the dingbat I used to design my pumpkin so it would work, well, on a pumpkin.

Rebecca separates out the pumpkin seeds from the mush.

Rebecca contributed to our Halloween weekend by making some delicious pumpkin seeds. Hand picked.

4 replies on “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I am really annoyed by the slip of the blade with the K. Dammit! I think they both turned out great, though it would seem to the trained eye, that we’d carved each other’s pumpkin. You doing a lacy patern, while I went for a pure type design. Does that make any sense?

  2. Your children will be the greatest designers the world has ever known…but I still I won’t understand any of it.

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