Robot Stories

Alisa and I watched Robot Stories on Sunday. The title of this quartet is deceptive, as the term ’robots’ is used loosely, both in subject matter and theme. The series of four short films is a study of human nature far more than a study of robots or their influence on our lives (or speculative ones). This is a decidedly low budget work, but an enjoyable one. The stories are a bit pat, as they examine their subjects only superficially. They work as compact narratives, but as explorations, they’re dragging a nail across a surface that would yield readily to deeper digging. All of these themes have been explored elsewhere at greater length, so don’t look for anything completely innovative here. However, their spareness and brevity distills the themes down to their essence, which has its upsides as well.

If you enjoy films just outside of the mainstream, light sci-fi, or vignettes, than Robot Stories is a decent rent. Otherwise, it may be too light and too brief to warrant your attention.

MPAA Review: Not reviewed. But Australia raves: “Mature Audiences!” and Singapore chimes in with an exuberant “Parental Guidance!”
Ad Exec Review: Everything is changing… Except the human heart.