Further Proof That DJ Shadow Rocks

I recently ordered a copy of DJ Shadow‘s latest mix album, Funky Skunk. Because it’s part of some thing he’s doing with Shepard Fairey and his OBEY project, I also got a tshirt as part of the package (I didn’t go for the big super-expensive package with seven tshirts and tons of stuff). I didn’t expect to get anything else. But when I opened the oddly-shaped packing box, I got the coolest piece of vinyl I’ve seen:

Die-cut record in the shape of a horribly ugly, eye-patched Donald Rumsfeld head.

A close-up of the sign on his forhead, which reads: DJ Shadow presents GOP Rogue's Gallery #2: Donald the Merciless.

How awesome is that? They sent me this for free along with two stickers and a pin. Just more proof that Shadow rocks.

Also, Funky Skunk includes a clip from a Fresh Air interview, which is just great.

3 replies on “Further Proof That DJ Shadow Rocks”

  1. okay, i’m officially intrigued but totally out-of-touch. what kind of music is it?

    i have a feeling my already sheltered life is going to get even more restricted as avi gets older and we spend more time listening to sesame street albums than cutting edge, well, anything. i’ll have to rely on those of you without kids to help me out for as long as possible!

  2. Seeing you so happy makes me feel happy. Hopefully the Pet Shop Boys will do something special for their new album out in April. Oh, the special edition of Madonna’s new album “Confessions on a Dance Floor” is coming out in a few weeks. I know you want it.

  3. Shadow is a turntablist/DJ who is often credited with starting the trip-hop movement along with Massive Attack. Whether or not that’s true, his album Endtroducing is a major work and influenced many other artists. His work is hard to categorize, but it draws from hip-hop, funk, and electronica, but also from 60’s psychedelic rock, random samples, and anything else he feels like throwing in. He did a more mainstream album under project name U.N.K.L.E., which is titled Psyence Fiction. He collaborated with many other artists on that album, but he found the whole process to be torturous and isn’t part of the latest U.N.K.L.E. release. His website has sample audio that would give you an inkling of his sound, but it appears to be suffering some DNS problems at the moment…

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