Type Seen 001

I was at The Council on Foreign Relations in NYC recently for a thing and saw this gorgeous marble plaque inside their building, which is the former home of the Pratts.

The plaque reads: The Harold Pratt House given to The Council on Foreign Relations by Harriest Barnes Pratt in memory of her husband Harold Irving Pratt 1877–1939 member of the Council 1923–1939

It’s a bit crowded, but beautifully so. What it lacks in clear hierarchy it makes up for by rewarding closer examination. The quirks it reveals are a part of that reward, such as the capped ’N’ with the A-like form created by the first leg’s backward step, and that crazy lowercase ’g’ that I appreciate because they are so odd, but work well in the conext. Though I’m still not sure what the motives were for that ’N’. Part of me wonders whether it was a mistake made to appear intentional through repetition (oops).

It’s not the best example of cut letterforms. I’m not as into the lowercase letters, particularly as they get smaller. Also, there seem to be a few issues of consistency in the second line and the cut of the aforementioned lowercase. But, all in all, it really struck me.

Thanks to David Bravo for taking the photo for me.