Kitchen Stories

A man and a boy with a baby carriage look to the sky in front of a small camper that reads 'HFI'.

Alisa and I really enjoyed this little Norwegian film about Swedish scientists who travel to Norway to study the kitchen habits of bachelors there (which we rented because Alisa will be living in Oslo for a little while). Of course, to maintain the veracity of the scientific study, the Swedes are meant to not interfere with the men whose kitchens they literally perch. But, as the film demonstrates so well and so sweetly, this is a foolish notion. As the two men we’re focused on try to go about their lives acutely aware of each other, but avoiding direct interaction, the inevitable happens.*

Kitchen Stories is a like a perfect small slice of key lime pie. It’s short, sweet, and just right. It succeeds because it’s so self-contained and gently focused on doing one thing and hitting all of the right sensations. The story doesn’t tell us anything earth-shattering, it just carefully shows us a wonderful facet of humanity in its own heart-warming way.

It’s well designed, well acted, well written, and very touching. I recommend it for a weekend evening when you’re looking for a smile and a good story.

MPAA Review: Mild language

*There’s a subtext here, as the Norwegians split from Sweden to gain independence, which no doubt irks the Swedes.

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