4 Good Drinks and Where You Can Find Them in Philly

I’ve been distracted from Current Config, so let’s call this a public service announcement to make up for it.

1) The Buzz Aldren at The Continental
One word, people: Tang. This drink has it not only in the mix (along with peach schnapps and vodka), but also rimming the martini glass it’s served in. Like many cocktails at The Continental, you get your full glass along with a petite shaker containing at least a refill’s worth. Cold, tangy, orangy and quite delicious.

2) The Firecracker at Jones
True to its name, the firecracker is a snappy variation on a dirty martini, featuring, in addition to vodka, olive brine, and olives, some pickled jalapeño brine and slices. If you like a little spice, this is your drink. A lot of bang for the buck.

3) The Sicilian Lemondrop at Tangerine
I love lemons, and this drink combines different lemony lemon-ness in a refreshing and crisp drink that we’ve started to drink at home. It’s a mix of limoncello (an Italian lemon liquer) and San Pellegrino Limonata (an Italian sparkling lemon soda) on ice in a pint glass with the extra Limonata in the bottle. I will be seeing a number of these this summer, no doubt.

4) Tequila Flight with Sangrita at El Vez
You get to choose, from a pretty full menu, one of each type of tequila: blanca, reposado, and añejo for $22. That’s a price that beats some of the per-glass prices on the añejos alone. Then, then, for four bucks more, you get a wonderful, kicky, tangy little drink called a sangrita you get your three glasses of tequila. Sangrita combines the juices of tomatoes, clams, limes, oranges, and some chiles (El Vez’s version). It’s very good and interacts wonderfully with the tequila. This setup is great for two people, which makes it a pretty good deal and a good time.

All four of these places also have great food, particularly Tangerine, which is the most expensive of the bunch, but is extraordinary and the home of my Best Meal Ever. Also, I swear that I am not in the employ of Stephen Starr, who is the restauranteur behind all four. He just happens to do great work that we appreciate.

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  1. Yeah, a few times. It’s a bit disappointing. It’s bigger, has less personality, and the service scales accordingly. It doesn’t really have the distinguishing features of the Pittsburgh Mad Mex. Also, here it’s called Mad 4 Mex, which says more than I probably could.

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