The Matador

I really don’t have time to write much about this great little film, The Matador, but you need to see it. It will surprise you at every turn, in subtle and unique ways. Brosnan’s character, Julian Noble, is quite intriguing, as are most of the characters, because they are all multi-dimensional and just when you think you have them and the rest of the plot pegged, they take another great sharp left turn. I admit, I had a hard time settling into the film because I kept worrying about where it was headed, but that slightly off-balance sensation ended up being great. I need to see this one again.

Also, it takes the practice of putting location names at the bottom of the screen in little type and flips it around by making them huge and neon colored, which I think is pretty great (I like type).

MPAA Review: Strong sexual content and language.
Ad Exec Reviews: A hitman and a salesman walk into a bar…

5 replies on “The Matador

  1. This is good to know because I definitely wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but was worried it would suck. Also, I didn’t know anyone that would want to see it with me. But now I’ll rent it for sure. Hello Netflix.

  2. I just realized that when I said the characters are all multi-dimensional, I really just meant the three main ones, and really more just Julian and Danny (Kinnear). But still. Check it out.

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