Eggnog Season Begins!

Just a reminder, Eggnog Season started a week or two ago. Be sure to start drinking up* now, because after the new year starts, you’re out of luck. It’s a small blessing that the Christmas MindAssault doesn’t start until after Eggnog Season begins. Build up your good will now. It’ll keep you bright and cheery in the face of all that Bright Cheeriness looming over the horizon.

*Non-alcoholic eggnog. Rum is for pirates.

2 replies on “Eggnog Season Begins!”

  1. You silly boy, the rum makes it medicinal! And, it’s the only way I know I’ll get some of the eggnog, since you won’t drink mine, liberally laced with liquor. It’s really my favorite thing about the christmas season, as I don’t celebrate.

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