PS3 Reveals Why the Terrorist Really Hate Us

I’ve been reading, over the past week or so, about all of the ridiculous human behavior here in the U.S. (and elsewhere, but I’m focusing on my fellow citizens here) related to and surrounding the launch of Sony’s newest game console, the Playstation 3. Robbery, fights, waiting in line for days in the cold, acrimony, shadowing people to smash and grab from their cars, etc., etc. All of this and more. I have one thing to say to you all, both the law breakers and the line waiters.

You are all idiots.

It’s a $600 (yeah, exactly) game console with a weak selection of launch titles, many of which are available elsewhere, often looking better. Seriously, you are all doing a magnificent job of making the U.S. look not only terrible and shallow, but also remarkably stupid. It’s not so much that these qualities weren’t already apparent, ’cause they are, it’s what everyone’s engaging in this silly behavior for. I suppose some of them are doing this to turn a profit for selling them on eBay, but even then…what a massive effort for such small payoff. The PS3 is functioning as a lightning rod for the worst of American tendencies: Give me convenience, or give me death.

I’m busy today, so no corroborating links with this post, but check out Joystiq or Kotaku for all the PS3 launch news you can stand and to fact-check me.