Armchair Airport Administrators

You know what I love? When news programs interview stranded travellers in airports during snowstorms, fog, etc. Their viewpoints are so refreshing and unexpected. They usually run something like this:

Reporter: We know that there have been 4,000 delays and cancelled flights this holiday weekend, stranding people like yourself here in Industrial Parkway International Terminal of Gray Dispair. How long have you been here?

Traveller: I’ve been here for 3 days. Last night, I slept inside of my garment bag, on Section A, level 3, area K48 of the parking garage. My mouth tastes like Orange Julius all the time now.

Reporter: Do you feel that aiport officials are looking out for you, the traveller?

Traveller: Well, I don’t think the people in the airport can be held accountable for the weather, but the administrators are clearly a bunch of idiots. I mean, it snows, like, every year, right? So why do we have such problems? If I was a boss of an airport, I would just send my flights to another airport or call everyone up and tell them that they didn’t have a flight anymore as soon as the weather got bad. I don’t know what’s so hard about that. It seems like such an obvious solution.

Reporter: Well, there you have it. Shit be mad nuts and managing airports is totally easy.

Seriously, I DON’T CARE. John Q. Public has no idea what it takes to run an international or national air travel hub (and neither do I). Airports are badly managed, but it’s not because they just aren’t trying. Also, I’ve been in an aiport before, so I know that simply stepping through the doors on a sunny day still makes your life notably worse. Just…just stop. Please.