I Know You Got That Sweet, Sweet Peggle for Me

The logotype for Peggle Deluxe, on a cheery rainbow and grasslands background, flanked by two characters.

Don’t start playing Pop Cap Games’ Peggle. Doing that will require you to stop playing.

That is hard to do.*

If you’ve got some spare minutes, Peggle’s a lot of fun. It’s a buffet of bite-size levels that offer variations on a simple mechanic: fire a bouncing ball into a Pachinko-like game field. Throw in zany power-ups, lots of good audio and visual feedback, and it’s a recipe for an addictive “just one more level” game. Peggle is a PC-only game, so you Mac-only people are safe from the bottomless pit of sugar-coated gaming fun.

But be warned, at some point you will have to stop playing. And that is hard.

*But I do manage to stop. I swear.

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