Typographica: Our Favorite Fonts of 2006

Typographica’s ‘Our Favorite Fonts of 2006’ list is out. A bit late, but certainly no less worthwhile. The list is a bit longer than usual, since 2005 was pushed to two parts with the second ultimately withheld until now, due to the “sheer volume” of entries this time around. To me, this is a good sign for type design (or at least for Typographica). For the second 2005 installment, I chose Dino dos Santos’s Estilo (Flash site). It’s a distinct little deco display face that’s quite fun to set.

Our Favorite Fonts is an excellent resource for quickly putting your finger on the pulse of type design and get a quick look at some of the most interesting and notable fonts released during the year. Plus, the authors are type and graphic designers, which gives this list a bit more depth and character than a straight-up specimen list. Too much great work for me to even pick a few favorites from the list this year, which actually reaches back into 2005. Give it a skim to see how varied and vibrant type design can be in one year.

Also see Part 1.