I Am King of…This Room!

I’ve been listening to NPR coverage of the presidential races all morning (unfortunately) and seeing blurbs online. I’d like to send a message to those of you covering the primaries and caucuses:

Winning one state is not a crushing blow to the opposition and winning one state after losing one out of a total of two is not a comeback. You idiots.

Now please start covering something other than your airheaded opinions about other people’s opinions about 1/25th of something.

Thank you.

4 replies on “I Am King of…This Room!”

  1. Not quite 1/25: you’re missing the much-heralded American Samoa primary on March 10, and “Democrats Abroad” on February 5.

    ::shivers with anticipation of National Best-Girl-Scout-Cookie-Of-Them-All Day::

  2. I keep going to the Washington Post front page hoping there is something else going on in the world, but it’s still just two columns of primary results, analysis and opinions (I think those last two are actually the same thing).

    I’m sure there’s a celebrity that got pulled over for DUI or forgot to put on underwear this morning. I’m begging you, anything!

  3. I am with you, Chris, but unlike agerard, I’m actually pleased with the public attention this election is getting. It’s nice to see people care a little more more about something important, even if it is 80% drivel. At least it’s not Britney/Paris drivel.

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