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One week ago, on Thursday, January 31, at 1:40 PM, Alisa and I finally got to meet our little girl. She was a stubborn little bugger and wouldn’t flip her butt around for anyone, so Alisa went into the O.R. and our daughter was delivered by C-section. She came out at 6lb 5oz, with a full head of dark hair, and a healthy cry from her little 19″ body. In spite of the delivery method, we are all very, very happy and healthy.

The rest of this post contains quite a few photos, so if you’re on a low-bandwidth connection, beware.

Her first burrito wrap swaddling. This is a dependable way to settle her down for sleep. And she’s so easy to handle this way.

Out of the womb for about 3 minutes, checking things out. So far, unimpressed. Or maybe confused.

I decided to dress up as a yeti doctor for my child’s birth. Those scrubs are one-size-fits-all-in-the-room. Notice the booties.

David hooked me up with hospital-safe cigars for the big day. What a cool box. Look at that big swoopy Caslon (I think it’s a Caslon).

While I chomped chocolate stogies, Alisa had undergone major surgery… okay, that’s an exaggeration. I was in the room when they pulled Blackbird out, but still. Mom was pooped. This is the first time Alisa and Blackbird got to spend time together. When the nurses were weighing and checking Blackbird out at first, she would respond to my voice. But when she heard Alisa’s voice, you could tell she wanted to find her Momma.

Blackbird spent a little time in the nursery. Look at that hair! We love it. Both Alisa and I had full heads of hair at birth, so we expected as much. I was hoping she’d have dark hair like Mom. That and her tendency to chirp is why I nicknamed her “Blackbird”.

She’s tiny. That’s a breast feeding info booklet and my copy of The Fellowship of the Ring, by the way.

Blackbird was sporting a tiny pink cap with much aplomb. About as much aplomb as she had at taking it off while sleeping.

Sans chapeau.

There I am trying to get Blackbird to chomp on my nose in her sleep. This is deep paternal bonding here.

The pillowcase hat Alisa made for Blackbird. It’s a little big for her now, but soon she will be the cutest pillow.

I love her big, dark brown eyes. Tricky to get a photo at this point, as she’s usually sleeping, moving too fast or next to Alisa’s breast, but there will be many in the future.

Blackbird loves to use her arms and legs to kind of “frog up”. This creates great opportunities for fun.

In spite of this photo, which is her first time in a car seat, once she’s in the car, she goes right to sleep.

For a little while, she had a hard time keeping her hands out of her face and would scratch herself. The solution: socks.

If she cultivates this pushed-out lip when she’s older, I’m doomed.

There’s the lady, sporting her cute Baby Legs. Perfect for the woman who doesn’t want her diaper to give her panty lines on her slacks.

Blackbird has a little jaundice, which is the result of something that all infants have, which is too much hemoglobin. So, for the last few days, she’s been wearing her Wallaby phototherapy belt. It gives her a luminous quality, which inspired her Grandma to dub her “Joss Vegas”.

Gram came over to see her first grandchild. They hit it off very well.

Blackbird loves new people. She was enthralled with her Gram.

The mothers share tales and a meal, cooked by my Mom.

Her Uncle Brian comforts Blackbird and keeps her warm.

Her Granddad gives her a big, warm hug.

Blackbird is, knock on wood, very laconic for a baby taking a bath.

She was a little ruffled, but held it together quite well. My little Blackbird has a lot ahead of her. I think she’ll do pretty well.

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  1. What a beautiful little girl and wonderful family. It is wonderful to see these pictures. Can’t wait to meet Blackbird in person.

  2. Guy Taylor and I are in Williamsport looking at these fantastic pics. We’re so happy for the 3 of you! She’s so CUTE! We inhaling some fried chicken from Wegmans and I’ve just decided that I’m going to have a baby in 15 years. ;)

  3. I’m so happy for you! She is precious.
    Enjoy your new life with her. I’m sure
    the flowers will continue to bloom each day
    of your life with her.

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