Sunrise on the City

An image of face, light from my right by the rising sun, with a bit of the train window visible. Some power lines can be seen passing by.

I forgot my camera this morning, so in lieu of the cool shots of the passing scenery from the train that I had planned on taking, I give you me at 8:12 AM (conveniently noted in the corner), as taken by my laptop camera. I’d love to say that my concerned look is a sign of my disappointment with myself, but I apparently have a permanently furrowed brow. I guess I furrow a lot. You can’t un-furrow, so I think I need to start planning my life as either one of those concerned citizens you keep hearing about, or a curmudgeon.

3 replies on “Sunrise on the City”

  1. Were I a man with time here at the office, I would photoshop your head onto Gordon Freeman’s body. I think I have just enough skill to accomplish this, but alas, not the time (or the right program, to be honest).

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