Blackbird: 2 Months

Blackbird laying on her side in our bed, wearing a hat and smiling in her sleep.

Today Blackbird is two months old, and I’m surprising myself at how much nostalgia one can pack into such a short time. Alisa and I are also fascinated by how much growth and change Blackbird can fit in there. She’s gone from being a little cooing lump to becoming… a demanding little lump.


She’s already a curious and self-reliant little bugger, always looking around and demanding a good view. She loves to sit up (with our hands for support) and is on the cusp of giving us some wonderful baby laughter. As it stands, I’m perfectly happy chasing those little smiles.

The rest of this post contains quite a few photos, so if you’re on a low-bandwidth connection, beware.

Blackbird's little feet sticking out of her light blue pants, her legs hanging down from Alisa's lap.


Alisa, sitting across from me in the booth at a diner, smiling with Blackbird in the sling, her arm poking out.

Blackbird’s first trip to The Trolleycar Diner went quite well.

Blackbird laying on our bed while Alisa looks on from the other side.

Blackbird, like most babies these days, has to sleep on her back, so we need to give her ‘tummy time’. She doesn’t seem to care for it much, but I suspect it’s because she finds it so difficult to get any purchase with her legs. Once those arms strengthen up, she’s going to be crawling up a storm. She already has a strong independent streak, like her mom. You can see her little legs working in this photo.

Blackbird in her yellow PJs, being held by her uncle Larry in our living room.

Uncle Larry meets Blackbird for the first time. Notice her sense of ease and calm. The man is smooth with the ladies.

Blackbird, seen from close up while laying on her stomach on our bed.

This is what I wake up to. This little face. Everyone should get to play before they go to work.

Blackbird sitting up in our bed, against some pillows.

Blackbird dictates her thoughts on global credit markets and their influence on the development of contemporary indigenous art forms in Central and South America.

Blackbird and I look at each other during her tummy time.

Tummy time is for everyone.

Blackbird sleeping in her basket, as seen from above.

Blackbird’s not big on her basket, but once she relents in her endless struggle against the tyranny of sleep, she’s cool with it. She likes sleeping on her side, which also increases her objectively measurable cuteness by 17%.

Blackbird wearing her pink and white hoodie, looking concerned.

Some people just aren’t quite sure where they fall on the hoodie issue. Blackbird is still deliberating, clearly.

Blackbird being displayed by her mom, to show off her cool neon yellow sleep sack.

While sleep sacks make it trickier to hold Blackbird, they are hard to beat for their adorable qualities. Anything that brings your child closer to being an inchworm is hard to pass up.

Blackbird in her sleep sack, close up.

I challenge you to deny this face anything. I will be a poor father and she will be the only girl with a helicopter for her pony.

Blackbird yawns on Mom's lap.

You try denying her that pony helicopter. I can’t.

My fingers showing the size of her foot, which is probably and inch and a half across.

A game of Little Piggies is about to break out.

Blackbird sits up on the edge of my desk, with my right arm supporting her.

Look at that! Look at her sitting up like that. Next step: learning to type for Daddy.

Blackbird, sitting up and raising her left arm as she slouches.

It’s moments like this that keep me going… keep me going in my mission to teach Blackbird how to blow up the rock.

Blackbird lays on Mom's chest, wrapped in a blanket and looking satisfied.

Post-meal relaxation.

Blackbird looking very sleepy, with her eyes half-open.

Post-meal deep relaxation.

Blackbird sleeps in her Boppy, covered with a blanket.

I would pay to have her Boppy outfitted with wheels and a remote control.

Blackbird in her crib, with spiked hair.

I love this hairstyle, courtesy of Alisa.

Blackbird sleeping in my hands in the office, seen in front of my desk and laptop, sporting her spiked hair.

I was never this cool. But that’s Blackbird’s way. She can be stylish even while cross-eyed and half asleep.

Blackbird crying.

Lest you think life with Blackbird is all peaches and cream.

Blackbird sleeps, curled in her Boppy, wearing her terry cloth PJs.

OK, it’s mostly peaches and cream. Particularly when she’s doing things like this.

My face next to Blackbird's, as I imitate her wide-eyed look.

I can’t pull off the wide-eyed, open-mouthed wonder look like Blackbird can. But we have fun anyway. At least I think she’s having fun here…

8 replies on “Blackbird: 2 Months”

  1. please oh please post lots of pictures often. i cant get over how much she looks exactly like both of you. obviously its the stylin’ hair.

  2. Chris and Alisa:
    What a treat to see these pictures. Blackbird is the cutest, and the accompanying comments only make her cuter! Great job, you two!!

  3. Chris & Alisa,

    Keep those photos of Blackbird coming!! We love them.
    She is changing so much. Can’t wait to see her in person when you come to visit.


  4. Chris & Alisa,

    Wow! I’m impressed. She still is a cutie
    pie! Chris your comments are so clever and
    entertaining. My favorite photo is daddy and
    baby with the wide-eye and open mouth look.

    Keep the photos coming; they’re very entertaining!

  5. Chris & Alisa,

    I love the pictures…and I agree with you completely about how amazing and wonderful all the experiences of being a new parent are. A helicopter for a pony is not excessive at all!!

    Much love,


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