Blackbird: 4.5 Months

I’ve been remiss in my monthly Blackbird updating this month. I admit it! But now I’m posting about my daughter on Father’s Day, so I think it all evens out. As Blackbird, in her traveling chapeau and sling, might say if she could say anything at all: “Onward!”

What’s craziest to me, at this point, is how much she’s changed from month 3 to month 4. Alisa and I both have the strong feeling that we’ve been doing this for years now. Not in a bad way, mind you. It’s just that this much change is hard to mentally frame in the span of 4.5 months. What hasn’t changed, however, is Blackbird’s boundless energy. You can see that here, as Blackbird’s feet break the sound barrier.

Blackbird loves Uncle Brian. Grandma K looks on as they share a moment.

In the morning and often when we’re cooking dinner, Blackbird holds court in her throne. Occasionally she finds herself overwhelmed with the toys she’s amassed during our efforts to keep her entertained. Her solution is to either surrender to the deluge, or fling them all to the ground. Guess which one happens more often.

Bathtime is an evolving event. Now that she’s smiling and squealing so often, it’s a lot of fun. Of course, her tendency to try and splash the water and roll over adds an additional layer of “fun”. So at least we’re all having fun. We get back at her through the ancient art of baby shampoo-hairstyling.

Blackbird can’t quite sit up on her own yet, but she loves to play while supported in a sitting position. She’s developed grabbing skills and loves to interact with her toys and environment now. Her reach is limited, so her desire to lunge forward has to be offset by our grip. I’ve let her ever so gently, ever so slowly plant her face on the rug between her legs, in an attempt to encourage some self-determination, but it resulted in her crying into the floor and me feeling like a heel.

I really do have other expressions. Really. It’s just something about Blackbird.

Blackbird’s first rainbow!

Blackbird, ignoring the hell out of it! You try pointing a baby’s attention to something in the sky.

In the mornings, I usually take Blackbird for an hour after she gets breakfast, to allow Mom to catch some more Zs. We hang out on the couch, I drink coffee and act like a goof. She lays on her fluffy oval and dances to the dulcet tones of NPR.

The previous images, now in JocieVision!

Momma and baby, looking hip on the Hill. Blackbird provides oversight on the construction. I think she’s displeased with the frequent extensions of the timeline. She’s a stern foreman.

Blackbird’s secret love: the polka dot side of her pillow. Making her cross-eyed from day one.

My ladies.

Jocie attends her first Art Star Craft Bazaar down on Penn’s Landing in Old(e) City. She was a big hit.

It’s not all hipster craft shows and cool hats. Every so often, we are driven by early-morning delirium and dire laundry situations to create fashion collisions that need to be… hurriedly undone. Here we see Alisa dismantling a particularly peculiar combo in favor of something less schizophrenic.

Blackbird’s hair is a source of endless amusement, but will need to be cut in the next month or so. Until then, we’ll get to enjoy photos like this one.

In a flash of light and a blur of color, Blackbird kicks off her burp cloth blanket with the frenetic energy of three Earth babies.

Somebody’s been packing on the pounds. This photo exaggerates it a bit, but after an alteration in our feeding technique, she’s been plumping up quite a bit. I think we’re at about 10.5 lbs as of this post.

Blackbird hangs out with her pals at the weekly Mom’s Play Group.

She makes her move. I’m not sure what the end result was meant to be, as we moved her before she started climbing over her friend’s head, or began grabbing at his scalp.

Another relaxing morning, playing with her elephant as Daddy tries to wake up with some coffee.

Post-bath baby salon madness! Only the freakiest of avant-garde creations is permitted to grace the head of Blackbird. She has yet to adjust to the paparazzi’s attention.

Wiped out after a long hot day, hanging out with her pals burp cloth and duck blanket.

Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. Wow Mr Rugen, she is beautiful. Time flies doesn’t it!

    Hope to maybe someday meet her in person. Who knows, you can always come over to Germany if you’d like :-)

    All the best also from Susanne (who is carrying a nice pot belly herself right now)


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