Oh man, oh man, oh man. Mt Airy has finally gotten Indian food! This news is competing with the birth of my daughter for coolest thing to happen this year.*

Tiffin opened up a location along Emlen where the Hamlet Bistro used to be. A few nights ago we ordered up some standards: chicken tikka masala (CTM), alu gobi, and naan. Verdict?

I now have two places to get great CTM. Tiffin makes fantastic food, and it’s very reasonably priced. Tiffin’s CTM is less creamy, emphasizing the tomato in the sauce. It’s so delicious, I used the naan to clean my bowl. Now I can eat CTM two days in a row and it will still be like eating two different meals. Perhaps, one day, I will achieve my dream: a different variety of CTM for each day of the week.

*Kidding… I judge births and food on separate lists.

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