20 Words and Phrases That Mean Nothing

If you hear these words from someone who is trying to sell you something or get your vote, you can be assured that all of the words associated with them are false or devoid of information:

  • Improved
  • Best
  • Greatest
  • Cheesier
  • Voted the most
  • Fun
  • Sophisticated
  • New convenient size
  • It will blow you away
  • Our forefathers believed/intended
  • Fancy
  • Kids love
  • Naturally flavored
  • I won’t lie to you
  • We can’t offer deals like this for long
  • Truly
  • Classy
  • Chewiest
  • Tastiest
  • Americans want/think/believe/are saying/need
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    1. I didn’t see “Change” on the list. Sure, sell me the inevitable and hope I don’t realize that you didn’t specify whether the change will be positive.

    2. “New and improved”
      Something -new- can not be an improvement of an already existing product, because it is new…

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