WordPressing Developments

So, the site you see before you is my first bold step into the world of WordPress, at the urging of my good friend and personal software wonk, Steve Laniel, who also very generously sacrificed over four hours of his time to help me with the not-so-seamless conversion from Movable Type.

A few notes: The new ‘design’ is not an actual design, but more a placeholder while I learn the ropes of WP’s templates. Also, my moving to WordPress has more to do with my lack of technical skills and my personal resources than any statement on my part about Movable Type’s fitness as a platform. It was mostly driven by the fact that the spam problems I was having were becoming ridiculous and I knew for a fact that I could solve them with WP.

And finally, there are likely many bugs and dead links. If you see anything awry with the site, please drop me a line at chrisr@currentconfig.com and I’ll get right on fixing them.

I tend to do these things a bit ‘bare-assed’ instead of running a dev site like a normal, decent website proprietor. Thanks for your patience and understanding with the changes.

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