Syfy: Try Better

So, the Sci-Fi Channel is becoming Syfy. We could endlessly debate the merits of the name, the logo, and their new mission to stray from their core content (science fiction). But there are others, fervent individuals, who are doing this good work already.

What I would like to point out is what you see if you visit

(click to enlarge)

Why in the name of the sweet baby Jesus would you want your audience to read this branding nonsense and business strategy? Just take me to the site! So that I may partake of your content! This is akin to selling soda by describing to the consumers how, if they buy it, your shareholders will profit from the consumers’ complicity in reinforcing their brand strategy of stratifying them into targeted market segments.


Not their audience, for sure. This sort of business pornography nonsense is not only boring, it also breaks the illusion of the brand. It’s as though they’re reveling in their decision to shed the pretense of caring about their core audience and wanting to celebrate that fact with them. We’ll see how this works out for them.

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