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On Monday, after a long day of work and roughly a week’s worth of late nights, I came home and eased myself down on the floor with Blackbird. This was my way of hanging out with daughter while expending little to no energy. She seemed to like it, so I felt OK that I was not providing much in the way of physical activity. While I was languishing on the floor, someone knocked on our front door. I answered and was met by a representative of Alarm Monitoring Protection (AMP). He had a clipboard, an ID badge, and seemed a bit winded. It was around 6:30pm, so that makes sense. I’m sure it had been a long day.

We were both tired. But unlike him, I wasn’t trying to pay people to lie to their neighbors.

After asking some questions about whether there were a lot of homeowners in the area, he asked me if I’d be interested in displaying an AMP sign in my lawn. He explained that this would help their sales team, because people are more willing to buy what they’ve seen before. He said, and I’m paraphrasing here, that AMP would “help us with a need in the home” as compensation for our help. This would be our help making AMP look like it had some customers to give people the impression that they are an established provider in our area. All of this made sense from a sales and marketing perspective. At first glance, it’s a pretty clever tactic. However, there are two key flaws:

1) Your big sales technique is to introduce your brand as “the alarm company that pays neighbors to lie to each other”? Really? Really. Who in their right mind would use a security service provider whose first community contact involves incentives to foster outright deception within that community? Not just “we are lying” but “we can lie together“. And I think that’s an apt way to phrase it, too.

2) You are asking me to lie to my neighbors. I like my neighbors. Fuck you. Go away.

Now, one could respond to my disbelief and distaste by suggesting that their compensation would be free installation of their alarm service, which would then make the sign a signifier of an actual customer and not a deception. The thing is: he never offered that. He used a slippery phrase that didn’t promise alarm service. Of course, because I said ‘no thanks’, he responded with “So, security’s not a priority for you?” which one could take as an implication that he wanted to give me service. But, again, he never said that. Also, there’s a difference between getting paid to do something and paying to do it.

Because I was so beat, I just brushed him off and closed the door. I’d like to think that I would’ve pressed him further on the deception issue had I not just wanted to lie back down. But I guess we’ll never know. I encourage others to do so, however. I’m curious to hear their response.

The whole thing just seemed like a miscalculation, or perhaps a pitch aimed at more desperate homeowners who smell much-needed free money. I don’t know. I also don’t know what AMP thinks it’s doing. But it sure as hell won’t ever be doing it at my house.

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  1. Of course, because I said ‘no thanks’, he responded with “So, security’s not a priority for you?”

    Ugh. I’m surprised he didn’t glance in at your 16-month-old daughter and tell you, “So, you must not care at all about your offspring.”

    A large sum of money says that the company is fraudulent. It just has to be.

  2. I don’t think they are. I poked around a bit online and didn’t see any red flags. I just think they’re a sales-driven company that’s behaving poorly.

  3. It’s sounds to me like you’re an idiot. If you would just pull your head out and listen to the guy for a minute it might actually make sense. These guys come around every summer offering the free system when you sign up for their service, just like with cell phone companies. That’s just the way they sell it is by telling you that you get the free system when you put their sign out in the yard. No one is asking anyone to lie about anything to their neighbors. Don’t be such a jerk next time and actually hear the guy out.

  4. Wayne, the onus is on Amp to convince me that they’re good people offering good services. If they give me the impression that something’s not right, then they’re the ones with the problem. The guy at my door never once offered me a free security system. He specifically said that they wanted to put a sign in my yard and would “help me out” in some undefined way.

    You see, I did hear the guy out. And what I heard was nothing I wanted to be a part of.

  5. I just signed up with them. The guy selling here started the same way, except he phrased it just a tad different. Basically he said the word of mouth advertising was the best and that was why they were offering free installation, free equipment, etc. If I’d put a sign out I’d get those things free. I think they sales guy you had was an idiot. He wasn’t saying it right. So far they seem pretty legitimate to me, I hope it remains that way. And actually I got an ok deal I think for the area I’m in.

    I think the guy you had just wasn’t a very good sales person and clearly hadn’t memorized his speel good enough.

  6. I used to work for AMP Alarm (and other Utah based Alarm companies in a non-sales, non-customer service position for a while) and all of these companies may be legitimate, but their sales teams are downright scumbags. Never let them into your home under any circumstances.

  7. Hello, my name is Chelsey Ellison. I am the customer Advocate at AMP Security. I would like to apoligize if our represenative came across in a misleading manner, our company does not condone this type of representation. There may have been some miscommunication in this instance. AMP does use the yard signs for marketing purposes, this is true. However, AMP does not put a sign in a customers yard, unless they are using their system in their home. We would not encourage our customers to lie to their neighbors in any way. We are not a fraudulent company. We work with some of the most established monitoring companies in the industry including Monitronics and Guardian Security. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding AMP Security I would be more than happy to answer them for you. You can reach me directly at Again, I apologize for any negative experience you have had with AMP or our representatives.

    thank you,
    Chelsey Ellison AMP Security

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