Dear YouTube Commenters,

YouTube’s comments section is not an appropriate venue for your world view. YouTube comments are worse than bumper stickers, in terms of intelligence and depth. Also, if your user name is “DonutNinja” or “No2NWO”, you should probably not bother at all. If it’s not clear to you why this is, then perhaps it’s time to uncap your meds or ask your mother.

And finally, if you defy all counter-arguments by saying, “You’re just a government shill/a psyops agent/part of the conspiracy/a fictional identity/deluded by the government’s propaganda,” then you are weaving your own reality according to whim, rather than evidence. And do you know what that makes you? Part of the problem.

…I really need to stop reading YouTube comments.

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  1. Jesus, man, you read those? Why? You must be an optimist. I think we could make a new test in lieu of “is the glass half empty or half full?” that’s just “do you read the comments on anything reasonably well-trafficked on the internet?”


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