gogreengo remixes – Listen at Apothecary 9/10

I recently finished up work on the album cover you see above. Composer Joe Hallman’s gogreengo has been remixed by Megan Cauley, Peter (PONY) Celment, DJ Carl Michaels/Jamie Johnson, Kono Michi (Michi Wiancko), and Paul Pinto. gogreengo is a hard album to pin down, and tends to be pretty abstract and probably isn’t for everyone, […]

And the Republicans are Selling…

Nothing. Speaking for myself only, I want affordable, high-quality healthcare for everyone, which is only achievable through changing the current system. If you’re curious what the Republican response is to that preference, check out that link. You’ll find that they’re looking to improve healthcare by… doing nothing but opposing Democrats no matter what. Keep it […]