Blackbird: 7 Months

Month seven has been another transition month. Blackbird hasn’t hit any big milestones, but has been tiptoeing right up to the edge of them, getting incrementally closer and closer yet never reaching them (a sort of baby’s first dichotomy paradox). This past month she’s been almost crawling all the time. Even in her sleep. Her […]

Blackbird: 3 Months

Blackbird turned three months old last week. She’s matured a great deal in one month, in many small ways that are coalescing into the first bits of her personality. She’s still a baby, no doubt: crying, eating, pooping, fussing, sleeping, repeat. But her looks and responses are becoming more complex and her preferences are starting […]

Pfft… Snow

We got our first real snow of the winter on Friday. We were giddy as we awoke to that wonderful suffusive light reflected by a new snow. This was also Blackbird’s first snow! We couldn’t wait to blow her mind with the view out the window (or I couldn’t, at any rate). Her response was… […]