Design Observer on Wilhelm Deffke

Design Observer, a consistently strong design blog/journal/website, has a great piece on Wilhelm Deffke by Stephen Heller. To claim my awareness of Deffke was anything more than vague would be stretch, but most people do have an awareness of his work. After all, we are all living in a world influenced by the work of […]

Jessica Helfand on Type and Context

Over at Design Observer, founding contributor and designer of some note, Jessica Helfand has written a succinct piece on some of the factors at play when a designer chooses type. “About a year ago, I participated in a student portfolio review involving nearly a dozen American schools, many (most?) exhibiting the classic projects that characterize […]

Typographica: Our Favorite Fonts of 2006

Typographica’s ‘Our Favorite Fonts of 2006’ list is out. A bit late, but certainly no less worthwhile. The list is a bit longer than usual, since 2005 was pushed to two parts with the second ultimately withheld until now, due to the “sheer volume” of entries this time around. To me, this is a good […]