Nate Wiley, 1924–2006

I just heard today from a friend that Nate Wiley died. This is a real loss to Philly, its culture, and its music scene. I didn’t know him, but next time I’m at Bob and Barbara’s, I’ll toast his memory and his drinkin’ music. Screen captured from A Taste of Nate, directed by Jim McGorman.

Happy Halloween!

I got home late and tired last night, so I belatedly wish you all a happy Halloween. When I arrived at home last night, the porch on our new home (post on that coming soon) was swarming with kids and their parents, all decked out in costumes. What a great way to come home from […]

Rebecca, Lawyer

My sister-in-law just found out that she passed the Pennsylvania Bar today. Knowing what I know now about the Bar Exam process, I realize that most people would be worn to a raw emotional and mental nub, somewhere around the level of a wet cat. Well, that appeared to have happened to Rebecca*, but she […]

Memorial Day 2004

I’m posting late about this important day, but it shouldn’t be taken as a diminished view of those it is meant to commemorate. War is a dark and shifting mire, but the actions of scores of men and women on the field and elsewhere show that sacrifice and valor can rise to its inky surface. […]