So, Alisa and I are planning to make some old-fashioned sloppy joes with turkey burger, minus the ’shrooms (as they are basically MOLD, people). This lead to the following exchange ’twixt her and I: Alisa: I really like that it has celery in it. Me: ::mildly befuddled look:: Alisa: I mean, it’s basically a Bloody […]


Oh man, oh man, oh man. Mt Airy has finally gotten Indian food! This news is competing with the birth of my daughter for coolest thing to happen this year.* Tiffin opened up a location along Emlen where the Hamlet Bistro used to be. A few nights ago we ordered up some standards: chicken tikka […]

To Own Your Right to Eat, Completely

I’ve had The World According to Monsanto playing in the background as I work today. In short: Monsanto, throughout its history, has acted on a policy of poisoning, lying, legal bullying, and bribery. They are in the process of spreading their genetically modified crops around the world, both through commerce and the simple fact that […]

Lord Have Mercy

In case you didn’t know, the best potato chips of all time are Kettle Spicy Thai Chips. Eating one of these chips is like getting socked in the mouth by a delicious Thai dish. Kapow! The chips tend to get spicier at the bottom of the bag, as the oils carry all of the fiery […]