Medal of Honor: Airborne

This weekend, I was lucky enough to get some time with the newly released Medal of Honor: Airborne demo and it really impressed me. After being unseated by Call of Duty as the premiere WWII shooter, then sliding into the dumps with the terrible Pacific Assault, the MoH series was hurting in the eyes of […]

Resident Evil 5: Is It Racist to Kill Black Zombies?

So, Capcom is developing the fifth Resident Evil videogame in the series. The Resident Evil series is about various misdeeds of corporations and cults that lead to zombies. In the fifth installment, it appears that there’s an outbreak in Africa, and the lead character who you play as has to kill African zombies in Africa. […]

Hotel Dusk Not as Good as Fla-vor-ice Pop

So, I have a DS Lite, the first portable gaming console I’ve owned since my Game Boy, and I love playing it. It’s a great little system, but that’s a whole other saga. Right now, I’d like to discuss a particular game I picked up a while ago, based almost entirely on the discussions and […]

PS3 Reveals Why the Terrorist Really Hate Us

I’ve been reading, over the past week or so, about all of the ridiculous human behavior here in the U.S. (and elsewhere, but I’m focusing on my fellow citizens here) related to and surrounding the launch of Sony’s newest game console, the Playstation 3. Robbery, fights, waiting in line for days in the cold, acrimony, […]

Half-Life 2: Episode 1

I’m a bit late in getting to it, but Valve released their much-anticipated expansion to Half-Life 2 on June 1st, and it is pretty damn great. I played through it when I got home that evening, and really enjoyed it. With rich level design, new game mechanics, a new enemy, a newly improved partner, and […]

Tomb Raider: Legend

Lara Croft sporting a new look, new graphics, and some new moves. The original Tomb Raider is one of Those Games. You know, a game that people remember. A game whose main character non-gamers know the name of; one that launched a franchise that cut a unique groove for itself and created its own sub-genre, […]

Call of Duty 2: Collector’s Edition

“When it comes to the top World War II shooter, that battle’s over. Now we’re on to the top shooter, period.” —Thain Lyman, executive producer at Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty 2, in the April 2005 issue of PC Gamer For most games, that’s bold talk; unrealistically bold, in fact. But for Call […]