Jdimytai Damour, hero of American consumers everywhere, died 11/29/2008. He gave his life so New York City shoppers could obtain only the best deals for their family and themselves this Christmas at Wal-Mart. If only the unnamed 28-year-old pregnant woman who so valiantly dove underfoot could have also given her life and the life of […]


A 4-minute time-lapse video of the drive from L.A. to New York City. Pointed out to me by Steve ‘I’m so buff from working out my last name should be Maniel’ Laniel.

Go Joe?

Whoever thought that COBRA was a good name for health insurance was probably the same person who thought up the phrase Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act in order to make it work. Also, clearly not a child in the 80s.

A = Me, Unfortunately

Don’t get me started on those things. (This post is a bit of an homage to Jessica Hagy’s Indexed. If I’ve inadvertently duplicated an idea she’s already done, then it is only because she’s, like, way smarter than I am. You should visit her site. Start at the first post and work your way forward […]

I’m Not Dead!

In spite of Current Config going blank, I am still here. Expect some holiday bloggery when I have a bit more free time. In the meantime, go visit Indexed, a great little web… comic… blog… infographic…. just go look, it is fantastic and Jessica Hagy deserves our attention and support.