Nerds? Nerds. Nerds!

I’m a big fan of Halloween, and now that we own a house in a neighborhood full of kids, I can fully indulge in my love of the holiday. This year, our treats on offer were: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (full size), Snickers, Milky Ways, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Bottle Caps, Runts, gummy body parts, and […]

0 + 0 = 0

I stood at the coffee pot this morning, noticing our coffee grounds canister was low, so I reached up in to the cabinet to dump out more from the bags. As I brought them down, I realized suddenly why I’ve been so groggy after my morning coffee and why my weekend pre-coffee headache hadn’t subsided […]

Prioritize the Friendly Skies

Yesterday during an IM conversation about United Airlines shutdown with my friend Steve, I wondered aloud if the reason why legacy carriers are so terrible at managing the actual experience of commercial flight is because all of their tasks break down into two categories: 1) Things that can kill hundreds of people. 2) Things that […]

No, YouDon’tTube

A brilliant idea, put forth by my man Jon: They should rig things such that posting a comment on YouTube takes a month off your life. If you think about it, it’s win-win all around. Someone should get to work on this immediately. Google, I know you’re watching this.

Good Question

I was taking the 1 train back to the office from a press check today and next to me stood a trio of 15-ish year-old girls, dressed in a punk-esque manner that simultaneously communicates an unsettling worldliness and a certain degree of naïveté, chatting about something or other. They had the appearance of the kind […]

Armchair Airport Administrators

You know what I love? When news programs interview stranded travellers in airports during snowstorms, fog, etc. Their viewpoints are so refreshing and unexpected. They usually run something like this: Reporter: We know that there have been 4,000 delays and cancelled flights this holiday weekend, stranding people like yourself here in Industrial Parkway International Terminal […]

Eggnog Season Begins!

Just a reminder, Eggnog Season started a week or two ago. Be sure to start drinking up* now, because after the new year starts, you’re out of luck. It’s a small blessing that the Christmas MindAssault doesn’t start until after Eggnog Season begins. Build up your good will now. It’ll keep you bright and cheery […]

Random Thoughts, vol.2

1) I went to WaWa this evening to get a sandwich and I remembered that they’re offering milkshakes now, so I ambled over to their shake-making device and decided to put the…the…I can’t believe they call it this…the “F’Real Shake”…to the test. Now, I’m a fan of a good strawberry shake made with real ingredients […]